"I have reviewed countless publications during my years in the sport management field and find Tim Lynde's Sponsorships 101 to be at the top of my list as a tremendous resource for the $8.3 billion sports industry as it relates to the corporate world.

Lynde's easy-to-read style is enhanced by his hands-on experience working in the field of corporate sponsorships. This practical text covers every aspect of sponsorships for the university -- students, professors and administrators as well as sport and corporate managers. His book is an outstanding addition to the field of sport."

- Herb Appenzeller, Ed.D., Jefferson-Pilot Professor of Sport Management Emeritus, Guilford College,
Greensboro, NC

"Tim Lynde's Sponsorships 101 is one for all. The book enables the novice a chance to look into the nuances of an industry; and gives the individual who has spent years in the details of the industry a chance to glean valuable information on their business. An insightful and interesting read."

- Todd Goldstein, Sr. Vice-President, Business Development, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)

"I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the content provided in Sponsorships 101. The material that this book covers is both up-to-date and relevant to what is going on in the sponsorship industry today. The book is filled with specific real-life examples that will provide students with valuable insight into partnerships in just about every sport imaginable. Having worked in the sponsorship industry for over 15 years, I would strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in finding out more about the business of sponsorships and why they are important to everyone involved."

- Jim Allen, Sr. Director of Corporate Sales, Atlanta Braves

"Sponsorship is a hands-on field and only someone who has hung the banners, negotiated the contracts and developed the strategies can teach it. Tim Lynde's Sponsorships 101 is an invaluable tool for those wanting to learn the business. Lynde expertly mixes rules of the road, with participatory exercises and true life examples to make the test engaging for students at all levels."

- Jeff Ehrenkranz, Vice-President, Consulting, Octagon

"Tim Lynde does an excellent job of providing a comprehensive and clear look at sponsorships in modern athletics. This manual will prove valuable to anyone considering entry into the world of sports sponsorship, and because of his strong background in this arena, Tim is the perfect person to author such a guide. His expert knowledge of the business gives the reader an insider's tools to be successful!"

- Ben C. Sutton, Jr., Chairman and CEO, ISP – America's Home for College Sports

"This book is extremely thorough and educational on the "ins" and "outs" of sports sponsorship. It also provides many real-life examples which are not only interesting but also provide further credibility and relevance to the information that is presented. Very well done."

- Rob Ohno, Sr. Vice-President, Corporate Marketing, PGA TOUR

"This book is a must read for anybody trying to understand sports marketing. It is written by a professional that has lived and breathed every one of these experiences!"

- Alfred White, Associate Commissioner, Conference USA

"For what's perceived sometimes as an insular growth industry where learning's come mainly from experience, Tim Lynde's Sponsorships 101 guide is a useful and practical introduction into some of the critical learning's that can help executives get off to the right start. Often hard to come by, this guide provides the kind of insight into some of the core responsibilities that determine an individual's and company's success in securing, negotiating, managing and leveraging sponsorship deals."

- Rob Temple, Vice-President, Sport Management, ESPN

"Sponsorships 101: An Insider's Guide to Sponsorships in Corporate America is an in-depth look at how sponsorships are done in today's sports marketing world. More importantly, it gives the reader an understanding of how he or she, whether at the high-school or the university level, can arrange a marketing strategy that will best suit the needs of the organization.

This book can serve as a textbook for a sports marketing class, or as a guideline for anyone looking to market a sport or a program. Students, Athletic Directors, and Marketing Directors will get information, strategies, and suggestions that will certainly help their marketing approach. I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in any type of sports marketing at any level."

- Jerry Carter, C.A.A., Director of Student Activities, Liberty High School, Past President, Virginia
Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

"When I became involved in sports business over twenty-five years ago, there were no sources of information on how the industry works. We all created the industry as we went along. Sponsorships 101 is an excellent resource that captures many of the same scenarios that I've experienced in my career, and presents them in an organized, insightful manner to give the reader an inside look at the dynamic world of the sports sponsorship business."

- John Cordova, Director, Sports Transaction Management, The Coca-Cola Company

"Tim Lynde's Sponsorships 101 is THE publication the sports marketing community has been wanting for years. It is the first-of-its-kind in the industry and provides the most comprehensive overview of the multi-billion dollar sports industry I have seen in my over 15 years of sports sponsorship experience. Tim has captured the nuances of the industry from a macro and micro level. He has defined the basics of sponsorship but has also gone beyond the basics to provide the strategic reasons why companies should negotiate sports sponsorships for their respective companies. Tim is uniquely positioned in the industry to provide this insight because he has worked both on the sports property selling side of the business and the sports sponsorship buying side of the business. He is one of those rare individuals in the sports sponsorship industry who has the ability to "place" himself in the sellers and buyers minds because he has been in both. I think Sponsorships 101 is MUST reading for all of us who are in the business or plan to be in the business. "

- Joyce Myers, Formerly Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Washington Redskins, Formerly Executive
Director, CBS NCAA Marketing Division

The endorsements above are by the individuals based on their experiences and should not be seen as an endorsement of the product by their current employer.