Table of Contents

Tim Lynde
Section 1 Sponsorship Basics
Section 2 Why Sponsorships?
Section 3 How to Choose a Sponsorship (Understand the Sponsoring Company or Brand)
Section 4 How to Choose a Sponsorship (Understand the Sponsorship Market)
Section 5 How to Negotiate a Sponsorship
Section 6 How to Evaluate a Sponsorship Package
Section 7 How to Develop a Sponsorship Activation Plan
Section 8 How to Break Through the Clutter
Section 9 Importance of Research & Testing
Section 10 How to Measure the Value of a Sponsorship
Section 11 Understanding Areas of Vulnerability

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"This book is extremely thorough and educational on the "ins" and "outs" of sports sponsorship. It also provides many real-life examples which are not only interesting but also provide further credibility and relevance..."

- Rob Ohno, Sr. Vice-President, Corporate Marketing, PGA TOUR



Since 1995, Tim Lynde has held a variety of positions in the sports marketing industry including those on different sides of the table – agency, property and coporate.

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For students or others interested in Sports Sponsorships or Sports Marketing in general, this unique manual is a must. It will provide the tools, insights and thought processes to help students find a job more easily, as their knowledge and understanding will be obvious in interviews with prospective employers.