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Sponsorship 101 Book

This workbook is a series of eleven (11) lessons that each build on the previous one. Within each section, exercises (“Your Turn”) are included that require students to apply what they've learned to further reinforce the concepts. Also, at the end of each section are “Key Takeaways” that summarize the information for future reference. Those who take the time to think about and answer the questions in each of the sections will get the most out of the information. This workbook is not a series of definitions and theories that may or may not be relevant in future careers. For anyone interested in working in the sports industry, this information will help them better understand how and why decisions are made.

For students or others interested in Sports Sponsorships or Sports Marketing in general, this unique workbook is a must. It will provide the tools, insights and thought processes to help students find a job more easily, as their knowledge and understanding will be obvious in interviews with prospective employers. Or, for those relatively new in their career, this manual will help him/her progress more quickly for the same reasons.

Sponsorships 101 Workbook



“This book is extremely thorough and educational on the “ins” and “outs” of sports sponsorship. It also provides many real-life examples which are not only interesting but also provide further credibility and relevance...”

- Rob Ohno, Sr. Vice-President, Corporate
Marketing, PGA TOUR



Read samples from select sections within the manual. You'll find short previews on this page or you can download a PDF with the full version of all the excerpts.



Since 1995, Tim Lynde has held a variety of positions in the sports marketing industry including those on different sides of the table – agency, property and coporate